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How can EFT support fertility?​

One in eight couples struggle with fertility issues. When there is difficulty conceiving, it is possible that emotional factors may be impacting either partner. Just like you might strive for optimal physical health when trying to conceive, it is important to consider achieving optimal emotional and mental health.


Women with high levels of the enzyme alpha-amylase (which is associated with the production of stress hormone cortisol) take 29% longer to conceive compared to women who have less. The body is clever, if it is in a state of fight or flight, it will do everything it can to protect you, and it will recognise this is not an ideal time to conceive. High levels of glucocorticoids (stress hormones) circulating in the ovarian follicular fluid can also impact on egg quality.


EFT can benefit couples trying to conceive as it can impact on both mental and physical health, and in turn, it can influence the health of the developing embryo. Maternal stress has far reaching consequences for infant brain development, cognitive development and birth outcomes. Optimising maternal stress management using EFT can influence genetic expression and thus, impact on the health of the developing child. It is critical to break the stress cycle in the pre-conception phase.

Some of the reasons that stress can hold us back with fertility:

  • Not feeling supported

  • Not sure if you will make a good parent

  • Unresolved issues from your own childhood

  • Feeling angry, hurt and resentful of your body or of others who are pregnant

  • Fear that you won’t fall pregnant


If you are struggling to conceive naturally, had recurrent miscarriage or pregnancy loss, or unsuccessful ART cycles, EFT could be the missing piece of the puzzle in your fertility journey.

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