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Who is EFT beneficial for?

Who benefits from EFT?

EVERYBODY! If you have ever had a negative emotion or thought or just feel like you are stuck and repeating patterns of behaviour, then EFT could help you. EFT helps you shift negative thought patterns which in turn shapes your actions. You may have been told to meditate or write a list of positive affirmations or practice gratitude when trying to work on your state of well-being. These techniques are all effective, but they take time and a lot of the time we don’t truly believe them. The phrases you use during EFT are your truth, they are what you are feeling and experiencing, and they are often negative. Trying to think positively when you don’t really feel that way is like trying to spray air freshener on a pile of rubbish. It might smell nice for a while but underneath there is still garbage. Using statements that ring true for you when you tap helps to reduce the psychological distress associated with that thought and aims to reduce the power that negative thought loop has over you.

What is EFT beneficial for?

  • Fertility

  • Birth prep

  • Phobias

  • Public speaking

  • Sports performance

  • Exam/test performance

  • Relationship issues

  • Food cravings or overeating tendencies

  • Weight management

  • Physical pain or symptoms

  • Goal setting: I want to get my small business off the ground but I am worried about failing.

  • Sleep issues

  • Limiting beliefs that are holding you back: eg. I am not worthy, I don’t deserve to be loved, I need to worry about everybody.

  • Behaviours you would like to change: eg. I am really irritated when my husband eats loudly! I shop too much.

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